Resources for Educators



Ballotpedia is the online encyclopedia of American politics and elections. Their goal is to inform people about politics by providing accurate and obj...

Election 2016: What to Know about the Race Today

A regularly updated Election 2016 resource from the New York Times.

Connected Research: A Letters to the Next President Mission

presented by: Youth Voices

Youth Voices is an open community for online conversations supported by “missions” – ie. curricular activity and guidance – created by...

Do Now: How much do candidates’ faces influence voters? #DoNowBias

presented by: KQED

KQED’s Do Now by Science Friday asked, How do subconscious snap judgements affect democratic elections? Do Now is a weekly activity hosted by KQED ...


presented by: KQED

KQED’s #TeachDoNow is an archive of collaborative learning experiences in partnership with the National Writing Project that explore how to use Twit...

BAVC: Digital Pathways Video Curriculum

presented by: BAVC

This toolkit from the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) contains information about the distribution of youth media, including knowledge and expertise fr...

MAPP: Digital Media Toolkit

For those wanting to strengthen their media making skills, these short tutorials from the Media Arts + Practice Division at the University of Southern...

KQED Education: Digital Tools

presented by: KQED

This series of short video tutorials from KQED about using digital media making tools covers everything from Soundcloud to Vine to Pixlr

Skills and Strategies | Annotating to Engage, Analyze, Connect and Create

presented by: New York Times Learning Network

This post from Katherine Schulten of the New York Times Learning Network and Jeremy Dean, director of education at, offers an in-depth loo...

Edutopia Election 2016: Lesson Plans and Digital Resources for Educators

This collection of lesson plans, resources, and primary sources from Edutopia cover topics ranging from the Electoral College, to the Iowa Caucus, to ...