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PBS Election Central: After the Election

After a winner is announced in a Presidential election, the U.S. begins a peaceful transition of power from the President to the President-elect in order to sustain our democracy. How can being a good citizen support our changing government? Civic engagement, no matter who won or lost, is vital to maintain a democracy, especially in times of change. Below are LearningMedia resources to engage students with information about good citizenship and how to participate in civic discourse.

Image used from Global Oneness Project featured in this collection. 

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PBS Education’s Election Central is a teacher-targeted online destination of election-related resources and content with age-appropriate content to engage K-12 students in the political process. Created in partnership with PBS NewsHour Extra and PBS LearningMedia, Election Central helps students gain a better understanding of the topics that are important to voters and to form their own opinions in a constructive environment.

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