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The News Literacy Project’s checkology™ E-Learning Platform

The News Literacy Project

NewsLiteracy800x500The News Literacy Project launched its new and exciting checkology™ e-learning platform on May 2, 2016. Simply register to get access to the platform.

The checkology™ platform is a dynamic library of news literacy learning experiences that feature a collection of rich, engaging, interactive lessons hosted by real-world professionals—from journalists to social media and First Amendment experts. It is designed to provide NLP’s comprehensive curriculum while also giving teachers a set of digital tools to help them supplement the unit with their own resources.

The checkology™ platform  will be offered in two ways: a free, one-to-many version and a premium one-to-one format. The premium level offers unique, cutting-edge features including:

  • Student sign-in credentials for one-to-one e-learning
  • Teacher monitoring, assessment evaluation and moderating functions
  • Student discussion wall
  • Points and skills badges
  • Access to a live, virtual news literacy lesson with a journalist


For a short time, NLP is offering a limited number of mini-grants for teachers who want to try the premium one-to-one program for free. Learn more about applying for a mini-grant here.

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