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Primary Sources, Problem-based Learning, and L2P 2.0: Stimulating and Supporting Youth Learning in Science

Trey Smith, Teacher Consultant with the Philadelphia Writing Project and 2015-16 Science Teacher-in-Residence at the Library of Congress led a roundtable on using primary sources to support science learning and Letter to the Next President at the National Writing Project’s 2016 Spring Meeting in Washington, D.C. This document is a great resource for other educators looking to find and bring primary sources into their classrooms. Below is a description of the roundtable and contents of this resource:

Using historical primary sources, (science) educators can create learning experiences for youth grounded in authentic, open-ended problems. To answer those problems, youth conduct research as part of a sustained inquiry process and share solutions and products beyond the classroom. We will explore how an inquiry-driven analysis of primary sources grounded in problem- and project-based learning can engage youth, establish meaningful contexts for learning and doing science, and build literacy skills.

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