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Lamplit: Why do I need to understand fair use?

The Lamp

Fair use is a notoriously gray area of law, and it’s often hard to create a set of easy rules that will apply to all cases. However, this guide outlines a set of principles can be generally applied to projects relating to media literacy education, like criticism and video remix.

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The LAMP is a non-profit media literacy education organization dedicated to creating a world of active and critical media participants. We serve nearly 1,000 students in NYC through our hands-on programming and nationwide through our MediaBreaker online critical remix tool, empowering young people to comprehend, create and challenge media messages. With the presidential election this year, The LAMP will be facilitating workshops in which young people talk back to the onslaught of political ads by re-editing the ads and inserting their own critical perspectives, questioning the authorship of the ads, the persuasion techniques, and fact-checking all the misinformation.

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