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L2P 2.0 “Focus on Audience and Purpose” Mini-Unit from NWP’s College-Ready Writers Program


A key element of the Letters to the Next President 2.0 project is an authentic audience and purpose. These letters will be public, able to be read by others across the nation, and will address real issues in a productive, useful way. These features of the project highlight the context of argument, the idea that audience and purpose matter in deciding what to say and how to say it.

The goal of this CRWP mini-unit is to support students as they explore the audience and purpose of Letters to the Next President 2.0, gather information from multiple texts to develop a claim, plan with a focus on purpose and audience, and write and edit a complete draft. The instructional steps listed below can be taught in 4-5 days, depending on class time, depth, and student needs.

Also included is a document that contains text set options for the unit.

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