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A Guide to Debates in the Classroom from PBS Election Central

PBS Education has partnered with EXPLO and the Commission on Presidential Debates to create the enclosed debate tool kit for classroom use. This tool kit includes resources to engage students through a process of student led discussions designed to foster meaningful and civil conversations with people who think differently. By listening, sharing, questioning, and reflecting, students develop skills critical to becoming thoughtful, responsible citizens.

Feel feel to download the debate guide along with the corresponding Join the Debates poster and Presidents poster for display in your classroom.

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PBS Education’s Election Central is a teacher-targeted online destination of election-related resources and content with age-appropriate content to engage K-12 students in the political process. Created in partnership with PBS NewsHour Extra and PBS LearningMedia, Election Central helps students gain a better understanding of the topics that are important to voters and to form their own opinions in a constructive environment.

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